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Ozell’s Grill on Wheelz is a family owned business, operated by father and son both named Ozell. Cooking has been a generational pastime within our family, and we finally have the chance to showcase our talent. We always wanted to start a business, so it was only right for us to open up a food truck so we could allow others to experience our love for cooking good food. Chef Ozell has been cooking for 25+ years, worked for 8 business as a chef. While working for OUHSC, he did over a million dollars in catering. We decided to go with our own name, that way we can offer our specialty items while also offering other types of foods for special occasions and/or catering events. Most people can agree on their love for cheese, which is why we strive on serving up the best grilled cheese melt you will ever have. Also, another staple of ours is the option of loading up your melt, mac and cheese bowl, or fries with your choice of meat, assorted toppings and even more cheese than you could ever imagine. We are ready to give you a memorable experience that your taste buds will never forget, and always remember to #GetLoaded

Oklahoma City Metro Area

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